Our services

Our services:

  • 1. Blue-Collar Staffing
  • 2. Skilled, Semi-skilled and un-skilled labour supply
  • 3. Administration staff
  • 4. Computer operators, Accounts, Receptionist, D-Group employees etc.
  • 5. House Keeping
  • 6. Tele-collars
  • 7. Statutory Compliances-ESI, PF, PT etc.
  • 8. Delivery boys
  • 9. Field Survey teams
  • 10. Men and Women labour etc.

Labour supply & Housekeeping Services:

The clients can avail services of different labour supply for Manufacturing, Housekeeping, Marketing, Door to door delivery, Administration, Tele-collars services etc., that are widely demanded by various Industries, Corporate offices, Dealers, Warehouse, Distributors, Government offices, Hotels, Hospitals etc., our professionals are well versed with the technicalities of industrial work and other respective services and thus render each activity efficiently and speedily. We also impart training to these experts to chisel their skills and make them aware of latest tools and equipment that are used to carry out different tasks at different environment in an effective manner.


It is done as per the format specially designed for catering to the physical and educational standards of the prospective staff. Besides, stress is laid on his background with an eye on his past history and employment with a view to rooting out the entry of undesired persons. This is done through references and also with personal verification. The database or the profile details collected are once again backend verification is done. The basic information like voter card, Aadhar card, and Bank account details were collected as primary data.


The administration of the labour is our responsibility. The Payroll and Statutory Compliances are done by our company. We look after their recruitment, training, leave, wages, ESI and PF and any other legal responsibility. The enterprise is at liberty to direct us to remove, replace any of our men at any time not suited to its needs by giving a reasonable cause or notice. Thus, the clients are relieved of the entire administrative burden of our labour while they are under the clients’ control as we shoulder the entire responsibility of their welfare and administration. To fulfill this obligation we have our own elaborate administrative setup.

Training and Induction:

We provide training to the selected candidates and the training agenda will be prepared in accordance with the client’s requirement to empower for better performance. And the feedback is also taken from the candidates. This will assess performance indicators, the candidate’s current status of adaptability and also set for the need for the further area of training, which will be assessed periodically to administer the HR, the selection process ends by placing the candidates to the respective job location and imparting the job process at the early stage of the development.The Induction will be done by orienting about the working environment, attitude, behavior, company norms, and conditions. Often counseling and motivation will be done based on the requirement.

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